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Mar 27, 2018

My business, Sassy Lasses, turns 2 years old!

In celebration, I've written you a song. 

It's meant in good fun and a lot of love went into creating this. Enjoy, share, and thank you for 2 amazing years!

Mar 3, 2018

In business, as in life, sh*t happens. You're going to experience a series of personal and business disasters along the way. Knowing this, our best defence is a good recovery plan. I mean, if you can’t prevent it, know how to recoup.


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Feb 24, 2018

Do you feel that sometimes, in the rush to be heard, you fail to listen? Heck I know I do.

What I’ve learned is this – to truly communicate, we must tailor our message to those we are trying to reach. We need to be more aware of the other individuals’ ability to receive and comprehend. Without that, there’s no...

Feb 24, 2018

It all comes down to a simple truth. Your perceptions shape your reality, but you shape your perceptions.

It’s the ability to reframe perceptions that will allow you to become a more fulfilled and positive individual.

By always being mindful and present you can reframe your way to a better you.



Jan 12, 2018

Ah change, a word that can insight excitement in some and terror in others. What is change? Change is to cause something to be different. What’s scary about that?

As we learn and grow (and make mistakes) we may become fearful that the next change will be a negative change. When that fear comes true, it re-enforces...